Micro brush

Price: 8,00 EUR
Micro brushes for lash lift or lash cleanse Contact me if youd like to order this with cheaper postage option


Price: 24,00 EUR
5ml Lash GLUE €24 for TWO

Lint free gelpads

Price: 0,60 EUR
Lint free under eye gel patches for lash lift & eyelash extension 1pair/ pouch €0,60 cents / 1 pair

Mini Eye gel pads

Price: 1,10 EUR
Lint free under eye gel patches, very fine and flexible 2 pairs/ pouch €1,40/ 2pair

3D Lash Filler

Price: 50,00 EUR
A new phenomenal 3D Filler has arrived! It is a new generation Lash Botox. A novel, phenomenal emulsion that is advisable to use during eyelash and brow lamination, any kind of chemical dyeing, but also during the Lash Lift procedure. The aim is to treat, nourish, moisturize, stimulate eyelash growth and fill your lashes internally. 3D Filler is a novel, phenomenal product that will fill the lashes and eyebrows up to 80%. The 3D Filler contains ONLY the best ingredients: ♥ Sea Collagen; ♥ Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid; ♥ Hydrolyzed keratin; ♥ Argan oil; ♥ Jojoba oil; ♥ Linden oil; ♥ Lime oil; ♥ Panthenol; ♥ Citric acid; ♥ Vitamins A, E, C, B5, B6; ♥ Chiaprotect; ♥ Olivem 300; ♥ Tilicine extract that moisturizes the hair and fills them inside. A little bit longer about each ingredient: 🌿Hydrolyzed keratin – is absorbing better to the hair structure, renews, repairs damaged areas and lash structure. Thanks to keratin, the lashes have full saturation (from the roots); 🌿Hyaluronic acid carries a pH-level and maintains moisture inside the eyelashes because it has a high moisturizing effect and has a strong effect on shabby and dry hair. 🌿Pantenol – lashes become brighter and more shiny also smoothens cuticulas. Tokopherol (vit. A) is antioxidant, without it is impossible to have beautiful and healthy eyelashes: tocopherol provides oxygen to the follicles, transports other useful substances to the lashes, extends the life of each eyelash. Tokoferol deficient lashes will lose their elasticity, shine, shrink and fall out. 🌿Argan oil – stops the aging process, ensures growth by strengthening, moisturizing, softening lashes. Due to its high vitamin E content, it is moisturizing and contributes to skin cell renewal, which may have an anti-aging effect. 🌿Linden extract is really a wonderful herb, Hydrates and soothes. Neutralizes free radicals. 🌿Sea collagen is necessary for the skin as well for lashes! Collagen, keratin and elastin provide strength, elasticity and youthful appearance. Hydrolyzed sea collagen is considered to be most effective. 🌿Jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-congenital and non-allergenic. Jojoba oil contains vitamins A, B and E, useful fatty acids and is a very effective moisturizer; smoothes the hair, leaves it less “hairy” and gives a beautiful overall shine. 🌿 Chiaprotect is a cold pressed virgin botanical oil from the Amazonian forests and extracted from Salvia hispanica seeds, historically called Chia or Chain. This product offers great advantages because it is a nutritious and vitamin-rich oil that has a soothing, irritating and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment. 🌿 Olivem 300 is a water-soluble lipid based on Italian olive oil technology. It has a softening ability and helps to protect from irritation and moisturizing effect. 🌿Lime oil refreshing, energizing. Lucky oil contains powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicals and improve immunity, good cleaning properties as a breathtaking aroma. 🌿Vitamin A-rejuvenating, prevents hair loss, protects against contaminants in the air, Vitamins: Vitamin B5- vitamin that stimulates collagen formation and hair growth. It is famous for its skin-restoring properties and maintains a very good moisture level for the skin. Vitamin B6 – promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Vitamin E– promotes the transport of nutrients to cells. Due to its antioxidant action, vitamin E protects from UV radiation, pollution, drugs and other harmful effects caused by free radicals. Vitamin C- protects against UV radiation, strengthens vitamin E, an essential component of metabolic processes that protect connective tissue, including collagen. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, protects the skin from harmful effects of the sun, protects the skin against free radicals by neutralizing them. In other words: 3D Filler (more powerful, newer and more natural version of Lash Botox)- this has been produced and developed by Lami Lashes founders. They invested a lot of their time, knowledge, finances, experiences, skills into this baby and do you know, what is best at it – your client lashes will tell you only great thanks 🙂