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Ik fyn jo webside tige leuk

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Blog iray tena tsara dia tsara mamaky sy manoratra ary mizara tantara manan-danja.

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Мы провели недели, просматривая сотни и сотни блогов в блогосфере, ища блоги с красивым и интересным дизайном.

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Karen K. Stevens

Underbar hemsida, användbar information.

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Janice A. Kline

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Charli Troy

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Sep. 9, 2016


I've had my lashes done with Timea several times over the last few years, I'm in the beauty industry and have had several bad jobs done over the years but my experience with Timea was amazing every time, she is a lovely person, so professional and makes
you so comfortable during your treatment with blankets, heaters, relaxing music , but most importantly her work is top class!!! Perfect, long lasting lashs with no damage every single time!!! X

Sep. 9, 2016

Helen Stokes

I have been going to Timea for the last year and I LOVE the lashes they are perfect every time so professional and relaxing, I would go no where else..

Sep. 9, 2016

Roisin Dunne


Timea has being doing my eyelash extensions for almost 2 years now. And for 6 years prior to Timea, I was getting eyelash extensions done with various people so I am a seasoned lasher!

From my 8 years experience, there is literally NOBODY better than Timea. I have had mink, mixed, Russian and spiky lashes and her work is honestly perfection for a number of reasons:

1. She is absolutely meticulous about giving you a perfect set of lashes EVERY TIME. I mean meticulous. They are always FLAWLESS- consistently perfect. Every lash is exquisitely individually extended with maximal precision.

2. Her choice of length of lash, curl of lash, mixing of lash lengths, etc etc is always perfect for the individual person she is lashing, I know that from my personal experience, and the experience of my 5 friends who also attend her. If eyelash extending
was an art, then Timea would be Picasso! No drag queens in sight, only people with eyes that look like Disney princesses after they’ve been lashed up by Timea!

3. She takes care of the health of your lashes long-term- I get eyelashes every 4-6 weeks, and my lashes are in absolutely excellent condition, they continue to be strong despite constant extensions. She would not let me abuse them - she gives me maximal beautiful
lashes without me going overboard and compromising the health of my own eyelashes.

Sep. 9, 2016

Roisin Dunne


4. She uses such excellent quality lashes, that are literally weightless and feel soft as a feather and she is always on the lookout for various lash variations to enhance the service she gives her clients.

5. She is ultra professional. She is so prompt in getting back to me when arranging appointments and she always does her best to fit me in. The experience of getting lashed is so relaxing. You can sleep or listen to whatever beautiful sounds or music that is
being played or listen to your own audio with headphones. It is a lovely 2 hour experience!

I basically cannot speak highly enough about Timea’s eyelash extensions service. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is literally THE eyelash guru.

Website Sep. 9, 2016


Your website is good, there have many things i don't know before, thanks for sharing!!!

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Thanks for your sharing! I discovered many new things from your website.

Mar. 25, 2016


Honestly the best eye lash extensions I've ever had. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do them, so professional and they last. I wanted to get eye lash extensions for my wedding last year, I had extensions from another salon that absolutely ruined my lashes.
Timea gave me such good advice and did an absolutely stunning job. I've had a mink set done and went back for a mixed set, both were absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend Timea if your considering getting lashes for the first time or you get them done
regularly, you have to go here. Some lashes are so heavy, your set are so light you can't even feel them. They look so natural. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job!

Mar. 24, 2016

Jeanette Reid

I have never had eyelash extension done by you... But after reading all your fab feedback comments ... I will Deffo love to win this fab prize and your Deffo a pro at what u do 😀😀

Mar. 24, 2016


Timae is simply the best lash extentionist in the business!! I have had lash extentions continuously with Timae for the past three years, with no damage to my own lashees. She is a true professional, applies each set perfectly and can tailor the overall
look to suit your preference and lifestyle ie glamorous/natural. These are one beauty essential I will not sacrafice, even when funds are tight!! It is so good to wake up everyday feeling a little bit "done" and not having to apply layers of mascara everyday
is just a dream :-). If you are considering lash extentions you won't regret a trip to Timae!! xx

Mar. 23, 2016


Highly recommended Timea, best lash extensions, she provides a professional relaxing experience every time.

Mar. 22, 2016

Louise Dee

Get my lashes done every year with her for my holidays love them and would highly recommend her

Mar. 22, 2016

Regina Bradley

Yes, I loved my lashes very relaxing

Mar. 22, 2016


Timea is brilliant lashes last for weeks and there is no damage done to your own lashes she is highly qualified. She always goes out of her way to fit you in and makes you feel so relaxed.

Mar. 22, 2016


Never had them done but after reading all the lovely comments. I would feel very confident getting done their..

Mar. 22, 2016


Brilliant service, absolutely top quality products. Such a relaxing environment. Would highly recommend. Looking forward to going again.

Mar. 21, 2016


The best quality extensions and a very professional service. They have lasted so well. A step above the rest! Highly recommend.

Website Mar. 21, 2016

Patricia Johnson

Loved getting my eye lashes done. The completed changed my eyes and feel so natural and it was so relaxing. Feel ready to take on the world with just my eyes :)

Mar. 20, 2016

Niamh Kelly

Amazing lashes done for a foreign holiday lasted so well with very litre maintaince would definately recommend :-)

Website Mar. 20, 2016

Linda Browne Connolly

So relaxing getting them done lashes lasted weeks really loved them

Mar. 20, 2016

Dawn kelly

Had them done for my brothers Spanish wedding, lasted for ages after two weeks of sun, sand and party. Would so recommend as she does a fantastic job, best in the business

Mar. 20, 2016

Charlotte Gannon

Wonderful and relaxing experience. Treatment next to none. Such an enjoyable experience. Love the lashes.

Mar. 20, 2016

Liz traynor

Beautiful treatment in very relaxed environment. Love going to have my lashes done here