Russian Volume Training available

LashRight classic eyelash extension training for beginners, follow up courses and Russian volume training nationwide or in Co. Kildare, Co. Longford Co. Leitrim and Co. Roscommon

Classic 1:1 semi permanent eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions became a very popular beauty treatment in the past few years for obvious reasons. I had my first set applied in 2009,and I have to say I got hooked on them straight away so didn't stop getting them for over 4 years!!!

They are highly addictive!

In those years I kept trying to find someone doing them closer to me but only had my first few bad experiences with the treatment itself. While my " baby brain" and I decided on a complete career change, this thought came to me:

"There must be a demand for lashing right", so I gave it a try and completed my training with Elaine from Uptomyeyes, and put so much time, energy, money and my perfection into what i believed in : It can be done right! I've tried different suppliers through the years but I still believe, Korea is the place to get your lashes from as this is where they came from originally.

And as "Knowledge only increases by sharing not by saving " so I'm now offering professional classic training for your needs. Contact me to find the kind of training suitable for you, group trainings can be arranged in your own salon NATIONWIDE!

For info about Lash Lift & Lash Botox training please go into menu on the top right corner and choose the page for lash lift!

ABT accredited training for 2, maximum 3 people to ensure you get all the attention needed to have the confidence at the end of your long day to go home and want to lash!

At LashRight you will be working with Belle faux mink lashes and you can also purchase under eye gel pads, tweezers etc. from the online shop.
I will introduce you to different supplier's products too so you can see what else is out there for you!

Training is available NATIONWIDE in your OWN SALON or in Co. Kildare , Co. Roscommon Co. Cork and Co. Longford in my locations!

Looking forward to showing you the beauty of lashing and making you a true professional!

Structure of the 1st day of your training :

10am-6pm/ lunch at 1.30pm 

Health and Safety

Client consultation , questionnaire and disclaimer


Eyelash extensions introduction

Curls, and lengths, mink/flat/silk

Eye anatomy, lash growth

Eye shapes and how to suit them, lash styling

Theory of application

Isolation, bonding techniques

Lash application on your model


2nd day:

Maintenance and Aftercare

Removal demonstration

About refills

Glue and retention

Problem solving

Social media advice

Business advice

Secrets of Perfect pictures

Practice of 2 more models


Kit includes:

-Beauty case

-2 trays of premium mink lashes

-Glue, pretreatment, remover

-2 tweezers

-Gel pads

-air blower

-brushes, alcohol swabs etc.

-Manual with questionnaire, disclaimer and after care cards


1day Training with kit €370/ very intense, recommended if you have any kind of previous experience in lashing

2day Training with extended kit and a full day of practice €490 (if your work is up to standards you can get your certificate at the end of the course

Freshen up Training approx. 3 hours for qualified  stylist only, €120

Models required for all the trainings (2pm-6pm on the first day, 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm on the second day)

Certificates are not given on the day, 10 case studies needs to be provided to become certified.

€100 deposit required to secure your place/ transferable

Please contact me for dates and location of upcoming trainings!!! Or go to my Facebook page to see dates in  Events!

Have you any questions?

Feel free to contact your Trainer, details below 

Tímea Kovács



2D-5D Russian Volume Training

This training is only for qualifield stylists who are already comfortable doing classic eyelash extension

Small group, maximum 3 student so you will all get full attention.



Tools and products for volume eyelash extensions 

Health and safefty

Everything about the glue. What way is your glue / your work is effected by temperature and humidity. Find the right glue most suitable for your conditions

Allergies and common mistakes, cemical burn, bruising in the eye ball

Choose the right thickness for Russian volume lashes, refills

Lash preperation for better retention

Styling and mapping, working with the right direction, get the right distance from the lash line


Fan sizes, looks

Practice of making 2-3D and 4-5D fans with 4 different technique

-12.30pm- 1pm Lunch break

-1pm- 6pm practice on your live model, application

Price for this training €290 kit not included or €350 kit included!


 Students are required to complete 5 case studies to become Certificated



You need to be trained and qualifield as a lash technician and have at least 3 months of experience in classic lashes to attendthis training.Please send a scanned copy of your lash certificateto the following e-mail address:



If you unable to attend the course, you must let me know at least 14 days (10 working days) before the date of the course. If your cancellation is within less than 14 days period prior the course -  your payment will not be refunded.

In case of sickness I require a sick note within 48 hours, then I can book you in for the next available training day in your location if you can not attend the next date your payment won't be refunded.

Thanks for understanding.