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Russian Volume Training

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Ellipse lashes are fabulous for a fuller look without adding too much weight to the natural lash of your client.

Especially clients with weak or thin natural lashes can benefit from these extensions as they give a much fuller look due to the flat base. In addition to the fabulous look you can create with these extensions they are also easy to apply as they offer a larger surface area for a fantastic bond to the natural lash.

Welcome to the world of eyelash extensions

 Eyelash extensions are fun and glamorous, making your eyes look bigger, more defined and fantastic even with little or no makeup and they are highly addictive too!
  • Classic "mink" eyelash extensions

    Full set of mink eyelash extensions means, an extension on every single natural lash that is long and strong enough to hold even the shortest extension (6mm), so the look of your full set depends on your natural lash.
    These extensions only called mink as they will give you the closest look to natural mink fur but they are made of faux mink as real mink fur is illegal in Ireland!!!Lenght wise I can only give you an extra 1/3 to the lenght of your natural lash without demaging your own lashes.
    I use a few different thickness again it depends on the quality of your lashes which we can go for, the thicker ones are 0,15mm and the finer are 0,10mm thick. Mink extensions are available in black, blue, green and redwine colour too.Classic sets look best on those who naturally have lots of healthy lashes and who want a more natural look. With a classic set, your lashes will be darker, longer, curlier and thicker.

  • Full set of "mixed" eyelash extensions

    Mixed sets would be ideal for those who they want a little more than classic but don't want to go for the volume set, or just want extra volume on the corners or to hide the gaps between their natural lashes. So it could be 1 mink extension followed by russian lashes, using half and half of the 2 different extensions or starting from the inner corner of the eye and go half way with mink extensions and finished by russian lashes to give you fuller look at the outer corner of the eyes.
    Russian extensions are alot finer, they come in 0,07mm thickness and they are softer too, giving you a very light weight finish.
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  • Full set of "Russian" lashes

    Russian volume lashes are much finer, and much lighter (in weight) lashes are used and applied in fans of 2-6 ...lashes to one of your natural lashes, depending on the amount your natural lash can handle. So for every 1 of your own lashes, you get 2-9times of lashes. Resulting a very fluffy and a very full set of lashes. Russian Volume set is best for those who don’t have very many natural lashes, for brides who want their eyes to pop in photos and on stage, and for those who just want the dramatic effect of Russian Volume.
    With a Russian set you can have a choice whether you want to go for a little extra lenght or more volume.

 Eyelash Extensions @ LashRight

There is no comparison between lash extensions and self stick-on strips of false lashes or salon applied cluster lashes that are stuck on to the skin. The lashes are made of either acrylic, silk or mink lashes and are applied one-by-one onto the natural lash with a safe lash glue that lasts approx 4 to 6 weeks.

The extensions give the eyes an instant lift and in many cases have the effect of mini-face lift without the pain. It is a relaxing procedure and many of my clients fall asleep. There’s no need for mascara as the extensions give the eyes a full, luscious look and as they are water proof, they are perfect for holiday wear, your lash extensions are tailor made to suit you , your face and your lifestyle. You can choose from a natural beauty look to a fantastically glamorous, wow-look. The eyes are very important as they’re the first thing that people notice about us so, the mirror of our soul so frame them Right!

  • When PROPERLY applied, you can’t feel any difference after your eyelash extension procedure. It should feel completely weightless. Lashes should look full yet individually separated with no clumps. They should be placed correctly, individually and artistically.
  •  IMPROPERLY applied, your lashes feel heavy and uncomfortable as if you were wearing at home glue-on lashes. There should be no mascara-like clumps, multiple criss-crossed lashes together or gaps.
  • The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is THE LESS YOU TOUCH THEM, THE LONGER THEY LAST! They do require you to be gentle with them and no rubbing but you have to clean them every day,saunas or steam weakens them as does oil-based makeup and spray tan.
  • The procedure takes approximately 2-3hrs for a full-set and 90 mins for an in-fill. It’s a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration; it can not be rushed if I am to ensure that clients leave with a perfect set of lashes. I will ensure you’re relaxed. You will have your eyes closed and experience no pain as it’s a non-invasive procedure and the most relaxing experience of the month.

  • At LashRight, client comfort is of utmost importance to me. I always use soft under-eye collagen pads specifically designed for eyelash extensions to hold down the lower lashes; I don’t use surgical tape or lash tint paper, which is uncomfortable for the client. Next, a single natural eyelash is isolated and a synthetic lash is glued to the top of the client’s own natural lash, approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue or the lash has contact with the skin.
    Often clients are so relaxed they fall asleep!

 How long do they last?

After 4 weeks you can expect to have approx 50% of your LashRight lashes remaining depending on your natural hair growth speed AND if you respect and take care of them. Remember, this is a semi-permanent beauty procedure. Do not be duped by those who promise extensions that last for months. A real lash’s cycle is around 30 – 60 days and as yours grow and fall out, so will the ones newly-attached.

As it is hard to determine at what stage each lash is at in the growth cycle when applying the extensions, it is unpredictable when and which lash naturally falls out. Each day we can lose 3 – 5 natural lashes but often they go un-noticed unless they fall into your eye. When eyelash extensions shed we are much more aware of it as we know the extensions are there because they are longer, darker and thicker. Eyelash extensions DO NOT make your natural lash fall out if properly applyed!

Spiky look

The application

Full set of mink

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